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Increase Search Engine Rankings & Deliver Results

Looking to increase your website traffic and sales? Then check our Affordable SEO packages that offers everything you need. Drive Traffic, Authority Backlinks, Keyword Reporting and much more.

  • Dedicated SEO Experts
  • Keyword Tracking Report
  • Traffic Analysis
  • High Authority Backlinks
  • Organic SEO
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70.6% Of All Traffic Comes From Search Engines Like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

Ever wonder, why your website doesn’t help you generate business or revenue? One of the main reason is that you are missing SEO (search engine optimization). At Artimization, we are offering the affordable SEO packages. We target on gaining keyword rankings and converting clicks into customers.

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Rs. 44,999
Small Ecommerce Store.
(up to 50 products)
Rs. 79,499
Best for Medium Ecommerce Store.
(up to 250 products)
Rs. 125,500
Large Ecommerce Store.
(up to 500 products)
Keywords 50 Keywords 100 Keywords 150 Keywords
Minimum Contract Duration
Minimum Contract Duration 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
SEO Strategy and Plan
SEO Strategy and Plan
Research and Analysis
Research and Analysis | Discovering the potential growth of business
Critical SEO Analysis
Critical SEO Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Baseline Ranking Check
Content Duplicacy Check
Content Duplicacy Check
Mobile Usibility Check
Mobile Usibility Check
Back Link Analysis
Back Link Analysis
Mobile Usability Check
Mobile Usability Check
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis 2 competitor 5 competitor
On Site SEO
On Site SEO | Optimization of each web page
Category Pages Onpage SEO
Category Pages Onpage SEO 3 pages per month 5 pages per month 10 pages per month
Brand Pages Onpage SEO
Brand Pages Onpage SEO 2 pages per month 3 pages per month 10 pages per month
Sub category Page/Products Onpage SEO
Sub category Page/Products Onpage SEO 2 pages per month 3 pages per month 6 pages per month
Google & Bing Webmaster Setup
Google & Bing Webmaster Setup
Meta Tags Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Google Analytics Setup
Google Analytics Setup
SEO Friendly URL Structure
SEO Friendly URL Structure
Unique Titles Tags
Unique Titles Tags
Unique Description Tags
Unique Description Tags
Existing Content Optimization
Existing Content Optimization
XML Sitemaps Creation
XML Sitemaps Creation
Internal Link navigation
Internal Link navigation
H Tags Optimization
H Tags Optimization
Product image optimization
Product image optimization
Crawl Error Resolution
Crawl Error Resolution
Navigation Analysis
Navigation Analysis
website speed optimization
website speed optimization
Internal Blog post
Internal Blog post 3 Articles (500 word) 7 Articles (500 word)
Off Site Optimization
Off Site Optimization | Setting up backlinks for Ranking
Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Directory Submission
Business Listing
Business Listing
Guest Blog Posting
Guest Blog Posting 1 Post 4 Post 8 Post
Article Writing and Distribution
Article Writing and Distribution 3 Articles (500 word) 7 Articles (500 word)
Press Relase Writing
Press Relase Writing
SEO Reports
SEO Reports | Overall Progress of Website Ranking
Google Analytics Report
Google Analytics Report
Keyword Ranking Report
Keyword Ranking Report
Monthly Performance Report
Monthly Performance Report
Need more information? +1 617 275 4776
Need more information? +1 617 275 4776
Rs. 44,999
Per Month
Rs. 79,499
Per Month
Rs. 125,500
Per Month

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    Three Important Factor Of SEO
    (Everyone Should Know)

    Keyword Research

    It’s one of the most important element to attract traffic to any website.
    Top ranking of right keywords can increase your website turnover.

    Content Writing

    People usually forget the importance of having quality content when applying SEO strategies. Profound information, alignment and correct placement of content matter a lot. We can help to sell your products and services through content.


    Gaining backlinks is easy but having a good link building that works for your keyword is something we do. Our best SEO strategist knows how to create a proactive link building strategy!

    excommerce website packages

    Ecommerce Business SEO
    Time To Increase Your Sales

    Artimization offers complete Ecommerce business development service, under one umbrella. No matter what it is about; procedure, incorporation, migration or results, we excel in all. Our help and support is available 24×7 to keep your website live for business and to generate income.

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    How We Have Achieved 70% Success Rate In 2 Months

    Egygamer hired us for 2 months to do SEO and assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales.


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    Is SEO Necessary In Your Business? If Yes? Then Why?

    Yes, SEO is a very essential part of your business. It is one of the greatest investments you can make for your company. It is the money that will gain over time by investing in SEO you create long term value for your website.

    So, here are few reasons why you should do investment on SEO:

    There’s no debate that ranking in Google’s search results offers a valuable opportunity. It helps to get more traffic to your business’s website. This is very important because generating traffic on your website leads to sales.

    Interaction has become so easy nowadays. It is because of mobile phones. As higher search engine rankings give your business credibility. so it is very necessary to make your search on the fingertips.

    By investing in a sound SEO strategy and using smart tactics, You can win the competition. You may be able to start outranking your business and driving more traffic to your website.

    What Kind Of Packages You Can Use Our Search Engine Optimization?

    Artimization offers you complete SEO solutions with our search engine optimization packages. We provide you useful SEO packages and make optimization of the website. We assure you that your business ranking in search results will become easy.

    Our detailed and transparent prices make monitoring of your investment easy. Along with that, we report regularly. It helps you understand your progress level.

    For the comfort of our customers, we categorized our packages into 3 price plans. Naming: silver, gold, and platinum. You can easily choose your price plan according to your budget and proposal.

    Artimization SEO Service Packages Are Unique From Other Agencies:

    Artimization provides various SEO service packages. These packages cover all the requirements of our clients without exceeding their budget. Whereas it seems unusual from other agencies but we work for our clients so we work differently.


    Because we focus more on custom strategies and transparent reporting and SEO tricks.

    Our reliable and experienced team provides amazing outcomes for our clients. Because our agency is result-oriented and we want to support your business to grow more.

    That’s why we get united with your team to create a productive strategy. We create plans that allow your company to raise its rank of invaluable search results. It can lead your company to an increase in your demand in the market.

    You can estimate our success rate by viewing our performance graph. You will find it is moving forward to the higher levels every other day.

    In two months we have done 30,095 sessions with our clients with 560 total sales transitions. Moreover, we generated $48,009 revenue with a 4.98% bonus rate.

    We are more interactive towards our users, we earn 14,832 users’ attention and among them, 56% are new users.

    So, how much Artimization SEO services can be effective for you?

    SEO plays a vital role in the first-page position in major search engines of your website. Choosing the right agency that can provide you with guaranteed results can be tough. With Artimization, the choice is simple and hassle-free. If it is the marketing goal of your company, we work to create a significant increase in sales.

    We understand the fact that every company is different and requires different strategies. That’s is why we do not stick at one price plan or strategy for every client.

    We provide SEO service packages to suit your outstanding business. We take measures to get your profitable content on the top of Google search results.

    Artimization search engine optimization provides flexible and valuable packages. Fully focusing on your needs to start a campaign and flourish it. We work enthusiastically to keep it moving ahead after initial achievement.

    These services include eye capturing visual representation and effective content. Along with mind-blowing customer engagement strategies for e-commerce websites. It helps grabs the attention of the user and results automatically. Plus increases click-through-rates in the least time frame.

    So What Services We Provide You?

    • Generating Maximum Traffic:
      For developing SEO, our agency provides a maximum of traffic-generating keywords. Our professional team members keep on analyzing the record of visitors. We all work according to their most favorable level to boost the organic traffic for the brand.
    • Providing Click-Through-Rates To Your Website:
      To get a high ranking on Google. Artimization specialized consultants give purposeful and useful services to our clients.
    • Enhance Your Brand Equity:
      Artimization`s creative policies are keen to enhance the equity of your brand. Moreover, we work to improve brand awareness in every corner of the world. We also make sure to increase the number of new customers and their purchasing ratio. At Artimization we always stay up to date with the industry. If an algorithm changes we make ensure you do not let your ranking drop. It is not the end. Our SEO services include developing the trust of your website with time. We this through link building and content creation. Both services are incorporated into our monthly maintenance SEO packages.

    Our SEO Pricing Provides A High Level Of ROI:

    Artimization gives you SEO service packages that guarantee to improve your online presence.

    We are one of the best firms in the world for organic search engine optimization by Clutch. ( Clutch is the industry’s independent authority on search vendors)

    Having 8 years of experience with 500 plus five stars reviews and 1000 plus happy clients. You check the satisfaction level of our clients by reading their testimonials.

    That’s why we ensure our clients to get the detailed listing of our packages with no secrets or sliding scales. Accurate SEO pricing for our Internet marketing services based on years of experience. Our customers encounter improvements in search engine traffic, as well as conversion rates.

    Our SEO pricing provides a high level of ROI. When it comes to getting the job done our professionals are not less than anyone. That’s why we publish our pricing online, unlike other agencies.

    Search Engine Optimization

    frequently asked questions.

    Will my website get a good rank on google in the first month?

    No, Because in a month we only apply changes to the website and start building backlinks. We update website content to meet google SEO criteria.

    It takes almost 3 months to make a noticeable difference in ranking.

    We are not giving guarantee for any ranking in 1-month. But we will show weekly progress report to make you understand what we are doing to boost your business.

    Is there a minimum term contract?

    Yes, We appreciate having at least 6 months contract for Local SEO services to achieve results.

    But we accept clients if they hire us for a month or for any small task.

    What will we do in 1st Month of SEO?

    We will research the best possible ranking opportunities and where your website needs improvement. Further, We will be doing a website audit, keyword strategy, and planning.

    In case a website meets Google criteria, we make required technical changes only. Then our team focuses on increasing traffic through link building, content excellence etc.

    In other cases, a thorough research and discovery phase can last more than one month.

    Will I get keyword analysis and traffic report of SEO?

    Yes!!! We will send you a list of suitable keywords as per your business requirements. Along with that, we provide traffic dynamics. It helps clients to examine the potential growth of their business.

    We also guide our clients where their website is lacking. Our team will provide easy possible solutions to make your business stand out.

    Can I switch to another SEO packages after a month or two?

    Yes! you can always upgrade our SEO pricing packages. Based on improved results or our quality services you can switch to other packages.

    In case your budget or business requirements need changes in the package, we are OK with it.

    How Can I See My Website Is Indexed On Google?

    It’s very easy to check your website indexing on search engine like GOOGLE.

    Follow this, Type ( and see if your website coming up. For example, If you want to check our website then copy this “” and paste on You will see all indexed pages.

    If I Invest In SEO, But Not In SEM, What Will Be The ROI?

    Good question,

    SEO is cost-effective and a long term strategy to get clients through search engines.

    If you are curious about how it works, take an example of our website “”

    A keyword “ecommerce website packages” is now ranking at the top on Google USA. We selected this particular keyword because based on our target market.

    If this keyword receives 10 new visitors every day. Do some math here, 10×30 = 300 visitors in a month, right!
    With 1 keyword optimization, we have 300 new visitors. Assume now! 1% will turn into clients from 300 which means 3 new clients a month.

    In a year you will have at least 30 new customers with only one keyword optimization. Is it now good for a business? 🙂 that’s the power of SEO.

    Are you confused to understand which is the best SEO package to buy in 2021 for your company?

    Don’t worry, we have an answer to your question. If you are a startup company then the best SEO package to start with is $299. In this package, you will get 5 quality keywords ranked on any geography you wish. In this way, you can target your potential customer.

    If you want to get a high volume of potential customers we recommend our Platinum package. It will cost you $800 and covers all that you want and is best for your business.

    How does Artimization provide SEO reporting?

    Artimization creates transparent reports for reviewing SEO progress. Based on your package or customized plan, we used premium SEO tools to generate reports.

    We report about includes keywords ranking, Backlink reports, and Traffic Indicators. Website Performance and SEO audit are also included.

    Our client can request reports anytime. Yet, we send reports every week to our clients via email.

    Do we provide customized SEO packages and Plans?

    YES YES YES! 🙂

    We provide customized SEO solutions based on our clients’ needs.

    Some clients want more content creation and generating only high-quality authority links. Whereas others might ask for something different. We are ready to work.

    Our expert team ensure the best outcome of our services and the deal we made with our clients.

    Does Artimization provides lead generation services Or Is it a part of SEO?

    Generating leads through SEO is a different strategy. As we need to research in-depth about the market potential. Then a back-end strategy to approach potential audience for eCommerce or business website.

    So it is not included with SEO. But if you wish to know about how Ecommerce SEO impact on Lead generation, we would like you to consult with our experts.

    But, our SEO plans cover a lot and we ensure you will get traffic as well as leads through our services.

    Will the clients get an account manager and how does communication will work?

    Once you place the order. We assign a dedicated account manager who will coordinate and guide you throughout.

    We will keep sharing knowledge and performance on chat, via email and phone calls.

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    Do you have any Question?

    Artimization team believes in entertaining our visitors and is ready to answer your questions.
    Type down your thoughts and get perfect possible solutions to your questions.