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WordPress speed optimization service

Slow website frustrates visitors and decreases your sales graph.

Our WordPress speed optimization services can turn your website into power hubs. Our target is to provide 2-second loading along with secure and efficient hosting for your website.

  • Full Website Backup
  • Image Optimization
  • Combine CSS & JS Files
  • Deep Security Scan
  • Theme Optimization
  • Remove Unused Code
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Slow websites lose their 57% of visitors’ without even having a glimpse of the landing page.

A slow website means a great loss in your sales graphs, poor user experience, low SEO ranking, and minimized conversions.

On one hand, the speed of your website plays a role in creating an impact. On the other hand, a buggy website gives an impression of SCAM to visitors and damages your market reputation.

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Best for personal & SMBs.
(Smaller sites)
Best for Blogging & enterprise.
(Larger sites)
Best for ecommerce.
Full coverage speed & security.
Gtmetrix (A Grade Score) Guaranteed
Gtmetrix (A Grade Score) Guaranteed Upto (99%) Upto (99%) Upto (99%)
Full Website Backup
Full Website Backup
Detailed performance audit report
Detailed performance audit report
Minify Javascript and CSS
Minify Javascript and CSS
Combine Javascript and CSS
Combine Javascript and CSS
Advanced Image Compression
Advanced Image Compression
Plugin Audit & Optimizations
Plugin Audit & Optimizations
Cdn & Caching Setup
CDN & Caching Setup
Testing & QA
Testing & QA
Before & After Report
Before & After Report
Woocommerce Optimization
Woocommerce Optimization
Wordpress Website Security Protection
Wordpress Website Security Protection
Deep Security Scan
Deep Security Scan
Hardcore Security
Hardcore Security
Security Plugin Configuration
Security Plugin Configuration
Monitoring (DDoS) Attack
Monitoring (DDoS) Attack
Weekly Maintenance
Weekly Maintenance
Database Optimization
Database Optimization
Spam Management
Spam Management
Hacker Safeguard
Hacker Safeguard
Uptime Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Need more information? +92 3343791748
Need more information? +92 334 3791748

More than 1000 Business Owner’s Recommend Our Speed Optimization Services.


Choose Us for Efficient and Simple

Optimization Process

Choose Us for Efficient and Simple

1. Premium Plugin

We install the best plug-ins as per the requirements of your website and work to make it super speedy by replacing slow ones.

2. Configure

Database, images, content, and everything present on your website are configured to improve the quality, speed, and UI/UX.

3. Launch

Now your website is perfect to deliver an efficient, fast, and impactful user experience to every visitor. Enjoy the rise in sales!

Our Existing Clients

Our services are a game-changer
for slow and dull websites

We have Speed up 1655+ website to date

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Quality speed optimization services?

By just improving the loading time of your website and minimizing it to 2 seconds or even less,
you can enjoy an increase in your sales and improvement in areas of marketing, user experience, and a brand worth.

Optimize Images

Reducing image sizes without any bargain over quality will reduce the 35% burden of your website. Yes, it’s true! Proper image sizes play a vital role in minimizing loading time and help reduce overall page size too.

Theme & Plugins Analysis

Current plug-ins on your website may have a better alternative so we analyze website theme and plugins and provide better solutions for your website.

Optimize HTML code

How can a website function properly if the coding segment is not being improved with time? We optimizing HTML code to ensure that your website has proper minified & w3 validated HTML codes.

Optimize CSS & Javascript files

Unnecessary Javascript and CSS files can slow the loading and functioning of your website. Our team will remove all unnecessary files and minimizing the size of the required files. Fewer files –more speed, minus bugs.

Setting up CDN

Cloud Delivery Network(CDN) implementation is an advanced technique to improve load time. It is implemented over static files like CSS, JavaScript, and images.

Enable Caching

Along with loading time, your website also needs a boost for response time. We implement efficient caching at the server and browser level to boost Time to First Byte (TTFB). Leaving any segment unattended is not our way of working.

Hosting Server Analysis

For many websites hosting server is the bottleneck. We analyze your web server to ensure it is not your case and inform you if issues are from the hosting segment so you can take better decisions for your website.

Database Tuning

Database optimization is a serious and imperative step towards the improvement of website speed. Our experts will instantly remove unnecessary junk data from your database and database overhead on your website.

Remove Unused Code

When it is unused till now, implies your website doesn’t need it at all! Removal of unused code saves bytes and decreases bandwidth use, shrinks site size.

Be Fast
Be versatile
Be competent

Your website should load fast on computers as well as mobiles and tablets. It should look perfect on all gadgets and impress your visitors.

Increase Conversions

Fast speed means visitors will spend more time on your website, more time means more conversions.

Increase Adwords Performance

Speed efficiency also aids in decreasing your Adwords Pay Per Click. Win-Win situation for your website.

Decrease Loading Time

Your website quickly loads on all electronic devices, whether on computers, or mobile devices.

Upsurge Sales

A fast website will help you reach out to more and more potential buyers and ultimately increase your sales.

Better Search Ranking

Slow speed & bugs will not let your website appear on top rankings on search engines. Fix it –earn more

Decrease Bounce Rate

55% of visitors leave the website if it is slow. Fast websites increase engagement and mark impressions.

Beyond Expectation Level of Optimizations

Working for the root cause of the problem is the core strength of our WordPress optimization services. Unlike other companies, we do not limit our services to the implementation of a few plugins. As we understand that plug-ins are a temporary solution only. For a stable, fast, and competent website it is essential to fix the root causes and all negative factors on your website.

Artimization team analyzes the whole website and creates a cumulative strategy to improve each and every segment from speed to UX. Our experienced professionals use the latest technology and most efficient alternatives to reduce the consumption of resources, the result is the peak of the performance of your website. Our services will be beneficial in the short and long run as our work approach is always futuristic.

WooCommerce & Publishing Optimization Specialists

We work particularly for your website. Our team never work with a “one formula for all” approach. Based on the different needs of each WordPress website we provide tailored services to ensure maximum benefits.

Our years’ long experience and active participation in the website development and optimization field have crafted a propensity for perfectly optimizing e-commerce and publishing websites. Troubleshooting publishing sites and hurtling up WooCommerce stores are our specialty.

A very long list of satisfied customers is proof that we can increase conversion rates and make your website as efficient as possible.

Let’s Get You Ranked!

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    WordPress speed optimization

    frequently asked questions.

    How much will WordPress Optimization improve website speed?

    The biggest factor in the improvement of the speed of any website is the willingness to change from the owner`s side. For instance, if you are not ready to replace certain heavy images on your website or you don’t want to try efficient alternatives of certain plug-ins, we have to try other things to improve the speed. But the factors behind slow loading time are still there.

    Even if there were one or two recommendations you decided weren’t currently in your best interest, you’d have several others (at least) to work with.

    It’s worth mentioning that we’re acutely aware of the need to balance website performance and visitor happiness with business goals, as well as your day to day routine as you work on your site. Our process is extremely collaborative; we work with you to understand your business or blog and tailor our recommendations accordingly.

    As we are working on your site, we are bound to take notes from you about additional steps to improve your website’s speed. For instance, shifting your website hosting to a faster option or changing the theme of your website.

    Upon analysis, our experts will dig out all the factors behind the slow speed and send a report to you. Now it is up to you what changes you want and what is OK for you and the results depend on it.

    But if you will follow 90 – 100% recommendations, we promise you a significant change in loading speed. By significant we mean, if your website was loading at 45seconds, after our WordPress optimization services it will load at 5 to 7seconds.

    Will WordPress Speed Optimization Improve My Rankings?

    The ranking is not only dependent on speed, the content you are using, keywords, the relevancy of content, date of updating the content, competition in the market, and various other factors. Speed is one of the factors but it is not the sole one. So it totally depends on how your website is currently optimized.

    Are you just going to install plugins?

    You must have seen this statement of tons of website “we don’t install plugins and call it optimization” but the fact is they do it and call it optimization. Plugins are an essential part of WordPress and are considered as a cost-effective technique to manage a website

    So let’s be honest! Yes, we will install plugins, delete the in-efficient ones, and find the best alternative plugins. But it, not the only thing we do under the banner of WordPress optimization service. Our service also includes upgrading PHP to the latest version, use CDN, provide better hosting options, resolve server issues, remove unused codes and scripts, and much much more.

    What plugins do you work with?

    For a WordPress website we go for WP Fastest Cache, Smush it, Smush Pro, TinyPNG, P3 Profiler, and various others. We can also work with WP Rocket but it cost extra. However, in case you want something of your choice, we can accommodate your request too.

    What Image Optimization Work Will You Complete?

    For Image optimization, we prefer to use Smush it and Smush Pro, which is counted as premium plugins from WPMU.

    Then we take Smush Pro off of your site and install a free option. We do recommend that you upgrade to a premium option like Smush Pro on your own.

    We promise you zero compromise over image quality and zero loss but a super-fast image loading speed.

    How do you measure the speed of a website?

    Website performance is measure with GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insight, and Pingdom. Before doing anything on your website we will share your report of performance, later after implementation of WordPress Optimization, we will again share your performance report. You can easily evaluate the difference. You can claim a complete refund without any questions or discussions if the results do not show a significant change in performance.

    What information do you need to get started?

    We only need a WordPress administrator account, FTP account, or Web hosting account details.

    Is page optimization a one-time thing?

    When it is done properly it is just a one-time thing and keeps on working in the background for your complete website. In case the website theme, server, or WordPress undergo a significant update, you are recommended to reexamine the WordPress Optimization. But this time you do not have to do much work, only a few adjustments will make your website back on track.

    How long WordPress Speed fix takes?

    The speed optimization process takes six to eight hours depending on the number of images and the length of the website. From order placement to final report generation usually takes 48 to 72 hours depending on the number of on-going projects. In case you want it doesn’t quickly, just mention it to our representative we will prioritize your project.

    When I Minify Javascript or CSS will it break my website?

    Javascript modification is sometimes not supported by website themes, plug-ins, or third-party scripts. In that case, we try an alternative approach such as Inline Javascript, Inline CSS, combine only, defer Java, or simply not applying to minify technique at all. Testing tools will give you a bad grade but the visitors will have a better user experience and the website will work fast.


    Crowning the performance of your WordPress site is all that you need!

    Try our services for a month to know why other clients trust us. Our result-oriented WordPress optimization services are cost-effective and you will observe a quick increase in sales just in a month.