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Transitioning to the digital age has created opportunities for new prospectors to enter into the trading business. World leaders like Amazon and Alibaba have created the perfect platforms for new entrants to sell online. However, it’s not as simple as it looks like. The e-commerce scene has now evolved into a vast field of expertise, and online markets have developed trends and norms, not unlike their offline counterparts.

Do not let low product photography ruin the success of your product. Our expert and professional photographers at Artimization curate the perfect exceptional high-quality images of your product that you will immediately fall in love with!

Among these business practices is product photography. The pictures of a product are the most critical aspect of an online sale. Customers need to see what they are buying, and even then, multiple factors need to be considered before clicking the add to cart button. As it is human nature to adapt, improvise and overcome, this challenge created an entirely new service path in terms of product photography. This article aims to explore all about product photography and the service providers behind it.

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Here at Artimization, we are all about making high-quality product photography images on your social media Websites and Online Stores like: Instagram, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay

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93% of the most appealing posts on Facebook contained images, a trend which sees similar results across other prominent and popular social media platforms.

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Need for product photography

Traditionally, a market is said to be a physical place where buyers meet sellers. But an online marketplace is a platform where physical inspection of goods is not possible. The next best option is to look at pictures of the product to consider the purchase of the product.

For that, a product has to have images that display the entirety of it. Consumers look for pictures that honestly showcase the product to buy something that fulfills their requirement and does not result in a reorder or the actual inconvenience of leaving their home’s comfort to make a purchase.

For the sake of convenience, each product must be listed online has a complete and comprehensive photoshoot that highlights the product and its unique selling point (USP). Artimization specializes in a thorough and comprehensive form of product photoshoot to leave it to the professionals. Their website lists several packages available for the clients.

The value of your product that is perceived and your brand’s credibility is mostly evaluated on how beautifully you present it visually. This indicates that having excellent high-quality product photography can lead you to higher sales, more success, and significant contribution.

But it is not just aesthetics that matter. Showcasing your products with high-quality is equally crucial because how you present your product with beautiful images can also be the reason for conversion and no sale at all.

It is indeed true that a photo said to say a thousand words. This is especially true in the case if you are also supplying your products on huge marketplace sites like Amazon, where your particular product photos are displayed and exhibited alongside those of your competitors.

Here at Artimization, we are all about making high-quality product photography images on your social media or website.

Why is Product Photography Important for Your Business?

What plays a significant role here is how beautifully you present your product. Product photography helps to encourage your customers that your particular product is what they need to purchase. What is more important is that it boosts your customers’ satisfaction when the product arrives and is handed over.

Product photography adds value to your product. The value of your products perceived by the users is directly impacted by the features, excellent condition, and how beautifully you present that particular product based on the quality of your product photography skills.

Product photography plays a vital role and is a substantial part of your business that you need to focus on when trying to convince people to buy your products and what makes them different and better from your competitors’.

In particular, when in present times, when more and more people turn to the internet to buy most of the products they need. The popularity and trend of online shopping are growing more and more.

Not only can you find almost everything that you desire and what you need with just a simple click, but online shopping also saves time and energy. This is something shoppers are in search of when they buy products that they need.

The power of an image is unquestionable and what impacts it leaves. And if you are not including outstanding product photography images on your website, you could be on the verge of losing out on many sale conversions and potential buyers.

Product photography is so crucial for a business that it may perhaps be the difference between making a marvelous sale and losing many customers due to low photo quality.

Our team at Artimization comprises creative and professional product photographers that add more value to your product and are experts at what they do.

What to expect in a product photoshoot?

All banter on the need for a product photoshoot begs what a product photoshoot entails in terms of specifications. To present the facts in a summarized way, a product photoshoot creates a product profile that tries to capture the essence of a product to be delivered to the customer. A certain level of photography skills is needed to pull this off and some specific equipment used.


Common sense dictates that a camera is necessary for a product photoshoot.

Our photographers at Artimization use some of the best cameras and lenses, explicitly catering to product photoshoot. They also explained how the equipment itself needs to be used according to the need of the product.

It can be said that any camera, even a camera in a smartphone, can be used to take pictures. Still, the matter is that professional-looking images must use equipment that can convey that quality. This holds especially true and clear in the case of online businesses. A product with a high-quality picture can be more reliable than a product that has a low-quality image on display. The perception of quality can play a significant role in the sales figure at the end of the day.


Only a camera cannot capture a picture worthy of a product listing. An entire setup is needed to fulfill the role of creating the perfect environment for a photoshoot. This is accomplished by backdrops, light bouncers, flash, and proper lighting. A tripod stand is also recommended for a stable photoshoot.

The showstoppers and the essential accessory for a photoshoot is the lens for the camera. Lenses have evolved considerably to meet the requirements of different cameras and situations. Ranging from a low-light big aperture lens to a cropped sensor lens, it is crucial to select and to have a lens that compliments the product for its photography. At Artimization, careful consideration has been put to the studio’s design, which can adapt to all types of products and requirements.


Pictures need to be retouched to enhance them and bring out some aspects which can only be done post-shoot. This includes editing the photo with tools like Adobe Photoshop. This step is where the “magic” happens. To professionally retouch an image is a crucial part of the product photography and can make a difference to the Endeavor’s overall result.

Types of product photography

Looking at product listings on an e-commerce website, it is pretty clear that not all products have the same type of product photoshoot, and there is a reason for that.

Product-only images

Some small products (i.e., can fit on a tabletop) are usually photographed as product-only. The term is self-explanatory, and to expand on it would be pictures of products as objects and have a clean background, usually all-white (sometimes black). The equipment used for this type of photoshoot plays more on lighting and creates a picture that highlights the product itself.

In-context images

The other type of product photography is In-context or more commonly known as lifestyle photography. This type of photography captures the product in its intended use or ultimate form. In-context photography is challenging as it involves capturing the product at the best angle without a controlled environment like a product-only image.

Another factor is that in-context photography also typically involves models. That in itself creates multiple difficulties for product photography.

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